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Aumaitre Construction is one of the most reputable construction companies in South Florida. We have a long range of services that allows you to find all the skilled professionals that you need when you are remodeling or building your home. We will assist you so you can easily find ideas on how you can have your home custom made or if you need to make changes to your existing building, we can provide those services that you need. Whether you need residential or commercial contractors, you can rest assured that our unique services and our friendly and helpful staff will ensure your project stands out.

Home Additions

If you don’t like a particular area of your home or needs to alter a particular feature, you can have it changed the way you want to. Get the best design ideas that you have always dreamed of by incorporating your own unique ideas and designs so that your home adequately complements the surrounding environment. For all your home improvement projects, we are your preferred contractors to get things done. The friendly service and professional air in which we carry out all our services are just some of the factors that have contributed to our company being one of the best construction companies in South Florida.

Home Builders

From drafting ideas for your project right through until when you are handed your keys, we will work closely with you. If you need assistance organizing your budget you can be assured that you have a company that gets your home complete within the specified time. Unlike most companies who overlook the mall details, Aumaitre Construction treats every aspect of your project with the utmost importance. If you want your dream luxury home built by experienced contractors, Aumaitre Construction has been able to help clients realize their dreams and will be there form ground level to turn key.

Home Restoration

We believe in ensuring that investors have full satisfaction and as such we have been able to provide full home restoration services and give them a stylish finish with your interior ideas. If you have purchased a home in foreclosure and want to add value to increase resale value, we will ensure that your investment is well worth it. With our expert contractors, you will have your investment designed restored just as you want it.

General Contractor

With the most experienced general contractors, Aumaitre Construction has been able to maintain their very high standards when it comes to home building services. Residential or commercial projects, our professionals will work diligently so that your project is successfully completed.

Remodeling Contractor

If you need a professional construction company that will handle renovation projects with expertise, Aumaitre Construction has professional team members who boast years of experience. We will provide contractors who understand the ins and out of remodeling and will ensure that your project gets completed to perfection.

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What Makes Us Different?

Aumaitre Construction LLC is your preferred contractor in the Great Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas if you are ever in need of an experienced, skilled and professional home contractor who can remodel your complete house or apartment, kitchen, bathroom and other spaces.

Our interior designing team will walk you through various styles and designs thereby enabling you to select a remodeling design that best suits your lifestyle and budget.


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